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Our theme will be in keeping with the quarter century anniversary focusing on our grass roots and training evolution since 1989. There will be a Meet & Greet, Getaway Lounge, a Trade Show, Wellness activities, and much more!

There will be a Meet and Greet at the Getaway Lounge at OPC begins at 6:00 pm on Monday August 25, 2014. Conference delegates will also enjoy 2 evening barbecue meals that will include entertainment and provide an excellent opportunity to network with other delegates.

Early Bird Conference Fee for those registered prior to July 21st, 2014!

*Please indicate if you require accommodations Monday August 25 and/or Thursday August 28.

The Conference is scheduled to begin at:
9:00 am on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 and conclude on:
Thursday August 28, 2014.
The Ontario Police College
PO Box 1190
10716 Hacienda Road
Aylmer West ON N5H 2T2

Telephone: 519-773-5361

Accommodations and meals are included with your registration.
Ontario Police College is the provincial training facility for all police services in Ontario and has recruit dormitory style rooms that all delegates will be housed in.
Other courses may be in session so delegates are reminded to be respectful of classroom activities.
Each delegate will have a private room with single bed. Bedding is supplied.
Each area or “pod” as it is referred to include ten bed rooms, a common area, and 2 shared bathroom facilities including showers.
Personal bath items such as towels and shampoo are NOT provided.
Delegates must supply their own personal effects.
Meals are provided in a cafeteria style setting whereby delegates will have a small selection of nutritious food products to choose from. Meals are included with your registration.
The 2014 Conference fee remains at the 2013 price of $295.00 if paid before July 20, 2014. The Conference late fee will be $325.00 if not received before July 20, 2014.
Full Conference registration fees include meals and accommodations.
The Conference rate for a single day rate is $175.00 (includes lunch) (accommodations extra)
Registration for rooms will take place in the front lobby of the Ontario Police College Monday August 25, 2014 between 4:30 pm -10 pm and again on Tuesday 8:00 am – 9:00 am, Conference registration between 8–9 am.
Registration closes two weeks prior to Conference start.

*Manner of attire for the conference is business casual (i.e. open collared shirt/golf shirt with dress pants) during the day and casual (i.e. shorts) during evening events. Average temperature in southwestern Ontario during the end of August is 25 – 30 degrees Celsius and is generally humid. Please keep this in mind.

Payment Types:

Cheques payable to “Ontario Association of Police Educators”.
Credit Cards are not accepted.
Mail your cheque and completed registration form to:
Sgt. Michael Knight O.A.P.E.
President C/O Aylmer Police Service
20 Beech Street East Aylmer,
Ontario N5H 3H6

Email: mknight@aylmerpolice.com


Wellness Activities begin at 4 pm Tuesday through Wednesday and will include swimming, workouts, biking, gym, yoga, volleyball, golf and area tours.
OPC has an excellent physical fitness centre that delegates may enjoy.

Extra Info:

Further information about the OPC and conference may be found at www.opconline.ca in the Student Resident Handbook, as well as www.oape.org
Questions or concerns may be addressed to any OAPE executive member.
Contact information is located on our website.

Our Speakers:

Dave Grossman
Dr. Angelo Caravaggio
Dr. Peter Boyles
Chris Prochut


OAPE 2014 Conference

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